Fuel Tank

The Standard Tank has Fuel Capacity of 11 litres

A Honda CM125 tank works with existing Rubber mounts at front, uses the same mount as airbox rear, and provides correct slots for older 125 side panels. However the standard CB100n side panels will no longer fit.

It will also be necessary to move the coil from the RHS to the LHS, as the underside of the CM125 tank has a space on the left underneath, while the CB100n tank has one on the right underneath. A mounting bracket will need to be made for the coil (2 short lengths of drilled steel).

Petrol taps are the same. The petrol tap has a nylon filter tube which is prone to getting stuck in the tank itself when the tap is removed - this filter is easily damaged - it has an internal ø of 5mm for the main tap pipe and 7mm for the hole in the tank.