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Notes on the Kawasaki Z25

I will be adding notes as I rejuvenate my old 1981 Z250A3 and indexing the notes by part.

To get to these notes navigate through naming of parts

Or read these: tuning



Produced from 1979 to 1980

Frame numbers between KZ250A-000001 to KZ250A-012000 only 12,000 produced.

Colours: candy emerald green pinstriped white , metallic stardust silver pinstriped blue and pink.


Produced during 1980

Frame numbers between KZ250A-012001 to KZ250A-029300 only 16,300 produced.

Colours pinstriped.

This model had the following differences: All differences are to do with revised rockers and cams.


Produced between 1981 and 1982

Frame numbers between KZ250A-029301 to KZ250A-038800 only 9,499 produced.

Colours: Luminous ruby red. Candy royal blue. no longer pinstriped the A3 had two horizontal stripes black above white on the lower part of the tank and tailpiece.

This model had the following differences:

A Grab rail is added.

Single throttle cable, for opening only, no second closing cable.

Rear shock absorbers 5 way preload adjusted by rod rather than c spanner.


Produced during 1984

Frame numbers between KZ250A-038801 to ? Last model of the range


This model had the following differences:

Square headlight and possibly mirrors.

Clutch adjustment is on an external lever, rather than the engine casing.

Forks use air pressure damping.


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